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Clowns Without Borders believes in the power of laughter to give resilience to people who've suffered. On a rainy day in June, World Refugee Awareness Month, I led a procession of clowns (not the scary kind) through muddy Freetown ditches and past shacks housing 10 people or more. A crowd of 300 smiling adults and children surrounded the imam's house, some sitting, others perched on cars or peering at us from inside the house's open windows. I'm a graduate of the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, California, and this was my 22nd trip with CWB since 2003. During visits to 11 countries including Turkey, Haiti, South Africa and Colombia, I've performed as warplanes flew overhead, been chased off stages by goats and welcomed by tribal chiefs. On this afternoon in Sierra Leone, I saw something that's both totally ordinary in this day and age — and extraordinary.

In March, NTIA published a report identifying 95 MHz of wireless spectrum that could eventually be freed up from the government to be used for commercial purposes, But the agency didn't delve too deeply into how current government users could be moved off this spectrum and how much that move would cost, The report also indicated there could be good opportunities for the private sector to share spectrum with government entities, The new working group will look deeper into this issue, And it will not only look at which pieces of spectrum could be good for sharing between government and commercial entities, but it will also evaluate where government agencies might be able to move off spectrum, And it will examine funding mechanisms that could provide 1canoe2 x incipio for iphone 8 plus incentives to pay for the cost of these moves, For example, provisions in the Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act, which were included as part of the payroll tax package, could allow revenue from the auctions to help pay for the transition of spectrum..

The vulnerabilities hadn't been used by any attackers yet, the researchers said. If you're concerned, your best bet is to stay away from swiped transactions and stick to the security chips, which offer better protection. Square said the vulnerabilities were only on the Miura M010 Reader, a third-party sales system that connected to Square's software. "As soon as we became aware of a vulnerability affecting the Miura Reader, we accelerated existing plans to drop support for the M010 Reader, and began transitioning all these Square sellers to a free Square Contactless and Chip Reader," a Square spokesperson said.

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The takeaway: Cardboard may sound cheap, but it's a powerful play for getting VR out to everyone and their mother. All told, the device costs less than $20, a fraction of the $350 or more that most high-end headsets are expected to command. The trick: Your smartphone is both the engine and the display, sliding easily into the front of the contraption and viewable through a pair of off-the-shelf lenses. For Google, this is business as usual. The search company has made its name by offering technology and software broadly and at little or no cost, inspiring millions of people to flock to its products. It's how the company helped make its Android software for mobile phones the most popular in the world. And for the broader industry, Google's Cardboard could be the device that introduces VR to people from rural India to downtown San Francisco, all while companies like Facebook-owned Oculus, Sony, and others design expensive headsets requiring powerful hardware to generate 3D images.

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