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GRABBING THE BULL BY THE TUBA: Hearing a tuba depicting a bull or a violin soaring through a luscious romantic concerto? This is the choice offered for this weekend’s concerts by the San Francisco Symphony. The first two concerts Thursday and Friday are titled “MTT Conducts 20th Century Greats.” Especially interesting is composer Bela Bartok’s engaging “Concerto for Orchestra” from 1943.  This is perhaps his most popular symphonic work. It is an inventive, five-movement piece featuring contrasting virtuosic music from different segments of the orchestra. There is even some humor injected into his orchestral “essay” with his inclusion of musical elements particular to the bassoon, sketches of flute twitters and calls, excitement from percussion instruments, lyricism from the strings and much more.  Even though Bartok’s music often stretches the tonal parameters of music from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras of Western music, many passages of his concerto are very accessible and remain comfortably in memory.John Cage’s 1947 ballet score “The Seasons” (to be presented with a video) takes its inspiration from a traditional Indian cyclical view of the four seasons as quiescence (winter), creation (spring), preservation (summer) and destruction (autumn).

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There will be a number of other adjustments as well. During the performance, the volume of loud sounds will be reduced, the lights will remain on and most importantly, audience members will be allowed to do as they please for the most part–and that includes talking, making noise and moving around in a safe and supportive environment. “Nobody will look sideways at you if you need to walk around or sing along to everything,” said Carey. Otherwise, the show, which is being directed by Rebecca Brownson, will be like any other. That means there will be a program for guests and a concession stand outside.

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