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“It’s a fancy dinner in a rural atmosphere,” he says of the Bounty of Heart’s Delight Dinner, set for Aug. 23 in Veggielution’s garden at Emma Prusch Park. “You’re surrounded by peacocks, flowers and fields of vegetables.”. As with the dinners that preceded it, the sixth annual Bounty will be reaped from Veggielution and from other local farms, as well as area ranchers and wine- and cheesemakers. The dinner is followed by a barn dance with live music by a local folk band.

At the heart of the celebration stands Cesar Chavez and his promise of ballet leotards online india how being involved can bring about change, Celebration committee members specifically hope to reach youth, to increase both their knowledge of the man and their own participation within the community, “This whole celebration started with the idea of education, about how we can educate our youth about the fact that they have to get involved to be able to change their future,” Lopez said, “We thought that Cesar Chavez was one of those people that was young, and that was what he was trying to do, to educate other folks about their ability to change their future.”..

Sara Crewe is one of the most beloved fictional heroines in this imaginative adaptation by June Walker Rogers. Both the actors and the audience will identify with Crewe throughout her adventures. Felicia Torrez will direct “A Little Princess” and there are many great roles available for actors ages 8-18. No experience necessary. To receive your audition time, you must register online at Performance dates will be June 10-12, 17-19. There is a $75 participation fee if cast. For more audition and show information, call 925-216-4613.

In one of the biggest innovations in the delivery of live entertainment in recent decades, more presenters are using HD-streamed broadcasts, bigger screens than any home theater can accommodate and the latest iteration of Dolby surround sound to bring sporting events and the arts — everything from Broadway to Wimbledon to Bon Jovi — to far-flung audiences, often live, Dan Diamond, senior vice president of NCM Fathom , a company that can distribute ballet leotards online india HD-streamed events to some 17,000 digital screens in about 1,400 U.S, theaters, sees these events “helping turn theaters into a new gathering place … where (fans) can share a one-of-a-kind experience.” That sharing, he says, is a valuable antidote to “our tablets, our cellphones, our computers” which have “made our consumption of entertainment in many ways a very individual thing.”..

“He replied, ‘The theme is past, present and future — you’re future. So make anything, like you normally would make.’ What I love about ballet dancers is that, because in the classical works they’re doing roles — a sylph, a dying swan, a hero, a prince — they go easily to those places. I have had them explore movement and take on various qualities and — boom! — they are there.”. Alejandro Cerrudo and Penny Saunders, who showed their work on last year’s program, will return with pieces they choreographed for other companies. Cerrudo’s pas de deux “Never Was” (2012) will be danced by Brett Conway and Danielle Rowe. Saunders’s “Soir Bleu” (2015), for an ensemble of seven dancers, was inspired by Edward Hopper’s painting of the same name; it was premiered by Whim W’Him of Seattle. Rowe’s “For Pixie” (2016) will be reprised and expanded with the original dancers, Conway and Laura O’Malley.

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