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Inside the school, 300 children and teachers cowered in locked classrooms, bathrooms and storage closets. Siena remembered someone covering up windows with paper. Karson remembered playing with markers and magnets. Ava remembered a teacher reading a story about sunflowers. They all remembered the sound of weeping. By then, Townville’s fire chief, Billy McAdams, had hurried through the first-grade door with the shot-out glass. In the classroom, he saw an alphabet rug soaked with blood. Down the hallway, he found Jacob, whose femoral artery had been sliced by a bullet that struck his left leg. Eventually, the 6-year-old was loaded onto a gurney and taken to an awaiting helicopter, and Collin would never see his friend’s eyes open again.

7 Last call for “Altar Boyz”: This cheeky send-up of boy bands centers on a mock Christian vocal group performing a show — complete with ridiculous outfits, double entendres, and over-the-top dance moves — aimed at making ballet shoes floral art print young girls squeal while purifying souls, Center Repertory Company, which excels at this sort of stage comedy, is presenting the show but this weekend is your last chance to see it, Details: Daily performances through July 1; Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek; $37-$72; 925-943-7469,

“Because I can’t let it take me down,” she says, referring to her condition. “It’s me honoring who I am, honoring my message to my fans since the beginning. If you feel at a deficit, if you feel like an outsider or alienated in some kind of way — and pain and anxiety, for me, is extremely alienating — you can’t give up. If I were to give up, it would be against everything that I stand for.”. Gaga agreed to let Moukarbel trail her for the film only if she never felt aware of the cameras, meaning the director often had to shoot all the footage by himself.“If anyone had been standing there saying, ‘How are you feeling?’ the whole time, this deal is off,” Gaga recalls. “I wanted to fully invest in being the subject of this documentary…. I didn’t want it to be a commercial for me and why you should love me and think I’m perfect.”.

The class is free, but registration is required, For registration and information, call 888-327-2757, Select option two and refer to program number 10412, CRAB COVE: Crab Cove Visitor Center in Alameda continues its Family Nature Fun series with a program about owls from 2 to 3 p.m, on Oct, 17 and 18, The naturalists call owls “flying mouse traps.” You’ll learn about how they can fly silently, and you can dissect an owl pellet ballet shoes floral art print to find out what they eat, Crab Cove is at 1252 McKay Ave, off Alameda’s Central Avenue..

The letter writer understandably presumed Public Works had changed the street-sweeping hours, which led to a couple people getting parking citations — a surprise to them and, in this instance, to the city as well. What happened was unintentional and certainly not a tactic by the city. Rather, it was the carelessness of a contractor working for Alameda Municipal Power who, as they were replacing light poles on five blocks of Buena Vista Avenue, had taken down the street sweeping signs and got them mixed up when reposting them.

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