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Samsung has promised that it will "unpack" something called "S Life." We're not entirely sure what that could be, but we'll post the news after Sammy's press conference Tuesday morning (the company jumped the gun and dropped two new phones on Monday), As for other manufacturers, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, ZTE and Pantech will be out in force, possibly with new phones, At the moment, however, LG and Sony Ericsson appear to be taking a back seat in Vegas, KeynotesAT&T execs Randall Stephenson and Ralph de la Vega will join Samsung exec J.K Shin in a keynote to bubbles on iphone screen protector open the show, Maggie will be there to tell us what goes down and she'll also attend the keynote on Wednesday with bigwigs from Sprint, Clearwire, Deutsche Telekom, and Cisco, And in the middle of it all, Maggie will be tracking the latest broadband spectrum news from the FCC, And, attention "Avatar," fans! Jessica will attend Thursday's keynote where James Cameron will speak with Twitter con-founder Biz Stone and others..

Even though it looks like a Fuelband, the ambitions of the HTC Grip -- and its price -- are closer to the Microsoft Band. And its functions, in many ways, remind me of Fitbit's latest Surge GPS watch, minus heart rate. Microsoft's Band is richer in features, but difficult to use. Fitbit's Surge has all-day heart-rate tracking, but a bulky design. Will the Grip be better?. At least it has a popular app to sync with: Under Armour Record, which has over 100 million active users already and has integrated support for MyFitnessPal, which Under Armour acquired recently. The HTC Grip seems like a clear attempt to compete with Nike and Adidas in smart wearables, but the timing, in mid-2015, seems odd. Can this be exciting for real athletes, or anyone else, in a world of sexier watches and cheaper fitness bands? We'll see, but before testing one for a week or so there's just no easy way to know. It makes me wonder whether HTC Grip would have been a better story in 2013 than 2015, and whether this band can succeed in such a crowded market.

Face it, kids, nothing lasts forever, For more on the new iOS as well as other developments from Apple, check out today's WWDC news, Apple's latest iOS 10 will not support iPhone 4S, which has been supported from iOS 5 all the way to iOS 9, If you still own bubbles on iphone screen protector (and love) your iPhone 4S, I have some bad news: it's now time to move on, As it turns out, iOS 10 will be the first major operating system upgrade that counts the phone out, For many, the 4S is a major milestone, For one, it's the first phone to include the now-famous digital assistant Siri, It's also the last phone announced before Steve Jobs passed away in 2011 and became available for purchase just nine days after his death, It's fair to say that it's the last phone with Jobs' direct involvement..

"Time stamps don't always tell what the latest draft was," Cue said. He noted that people could have multiple windows open, and just because they closed one last, it would have the most recent time stamp even if it wasn't the most recent draft. However, Judge Denise Cote, in questioning Cue, got him to admit he had no reason to doubt the time stamps didn't indicate the actual order Jobs was drafting the message. The last message according to the time stamp also was the only one with Jobs' signature at the end.

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