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Stephanie Eads, of Walnut Creek, sees shutter-bugging as a healthy habit. The 35-year-old receptionist snaps several selfies a day with memorable backgrounds — the beach, a beloved Raiders game — and posts at least one a week to her Facebook page. Because her family lives in the Midwest, selfies are Eads’ way of showing them her day-to-day experiences. “I’ll usually post if I have a new haircut or makeup, or if someone’s in a bad mood I’ll text them one where I’m making a goofy face to cheer them up,” Eads says. “It just makes me feel good, and when you’re by yourself, it’s my way of not feeling alone.”.

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Then he looked up. “That’s Jesse Osborne,” a teacher gasped. He was 14 years old. Jesse had attended Townville – walked its halls and romped on its playground – through fifth grade, before he transferred and was later home-schooled. Not once, Fredericks said, had his behavior prompted concern. He was quiet, earned good grades and almost never got into trouble. He played catcher in the recreation league. He got invited to birthday parties. Jesse had called his grandmother, Patsy Osborne, just minutes before he’d driven to the school that afternoon. He was screaming, she said. She couldn’t understand him.

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