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cinderella ballet bunnies buttons (set of 2 - 2.25" dia.)

SKU: EN-L20375

cinderella ballet bunnies buttons (set of 2 - 2.25

cinderella ballet bunnies buttons (set of 2 - 2.25 cinderella ballet bunnies buttons (set of 2 - 2.25 cinderella ballet bunnies buttons (set of 2 - 2.25 cinderella ballet bunnies buttons (set of 2 - 2.25

cinderella ballet bunnies buttons (set of 2 - 2.25" dia.)

For more information on how to participate in the Brentwood Community Center Public Art Walls, contact Poldina Scherff at 516-5364 or Celebration of Art continues in Antioch. The Arts & Cultural Foundation, in partnership with the Antioch Historical Society, hosts the 11th Annual Celebration of Art Exhibit at the Antioch Historical Society Museum, 1500 W. Fourth St. This is a non-juried exhibit with no required theme. The exhibit continues through July 20. The Antioch Historical Society Museum is open Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 1-4 p.m., and admission is free. Email or call 925-325-989.

Well, at Least The Cops Have a Sense of Humor About It, During the 2013 Beyond Wonderland electronic-dance festival at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, curfews and the noise they’re supposed to corral were front and center in the community, which is why the city cinderella ballet bunnies buttons (set of 2 - 2.25" dia.) police weighed in, tongue firmly in cheek, “Good afternoon Mountain View residents! This is the last day of the Insomniac Events concert at Shoreline Amphitheater, Sound engineers are working on collecting and tracking the complaints and are out-and-about with decibel readers to gauge how they can tweak their settings to comply and/or alleviate some of the noise issues. The concert is scheduled to end at 11PM, and we have not had an issues with compliance,  Many have asked about why we are not enforcing the sound issue, We apologize if this has confused anyone, however we are following the accepted Shoreline Amphitheater noise guide/ordinance, This concert is handled in the same way we handle all of our other concerts at Shoreline, but perhaps with a bit more bass.”..

In significant ways, Copland and Morgan — and the performance’s two featured guest artists, composer Mason Bates and soprano Othalie Graham — belong to a sonic brother/sisterhood dedicated to music for the masses. But not watered-down, pop-ified music: symphonic music — the kind with boots-on-the-ground classicism and unlimited travel plans. Beginning in the 1920s, Copland stretched his compositional hand from his early classical roots to genres as diverse as jazz, music for film and ballet, Mexican folk tunes and the Shaker hymns found in “Appalachian Spring.” Morgan, since mounting the podium, has similarly dismantled preconceived notions of his mighty troupe’s capabilities with a fearless repertoire. Past seasons have included American Masters such as Copland and “Duke” Ellington, but important, OEBS concerts have been “virtual world tours,” with representation from artists in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, South America and more.

Filoli’s Flower Show: 10 a.m.-5 p.m, June 1-June 3, 86 Canada Road, Woodside, Over cinderella ballet bunnies buttons (set of 2 - 2.25" dia.) 80 floral displays from a range of professional exhibitors and florists, $30-$35,, Sense & Sensibility: May 31-June 23, Town Hall Theatre Company, 3535 School St., Lafayette,  A new adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, Opening night reception June 2 with a Regency Ball theme, $18-$30,, Seva’s 40th Anniversary: 8 p.m, June 2, UC Theater Taube Family Music Hall, 2036 University Ave., Berkeley, This musical event features Rising Appalachia, Dead Winter Carpenters, Sam Chase & The Untraditional with host Wavy Gravy, Proceeds from the event will support Seva Foundation’s sight restoration programs around the world, $50-$75,

That’s how long it’s been since Steve Herr’s son was slain – his head cut off and discarded in a public park. Police quickly arrested a suspect and charged him with murder, but since then?. Herr has attended more than 130 court hearings, mostly at the Orange County Superior Courthouse in Santa Ana, waiting for the judge to seat a jury. It’s been a long wait. But the trial of Daniel Patrick Wozniak, the community theater actor accused of killing Herr’s son, is expected to start Monday.

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