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corgi iphone case

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corgi iphone case

corgi iphone case

Apple and Samsung had both taken out cases against each other, and both have been dismissed, a spokesman for the Mannheim state court told the BBC. Both cases concerned who owns the slide-to-unlock feature. But Apple's ban on Motorola phones using the feature should still stand, as that was decided in a Munich court. The court ruled in Apple's favour in two out of three of the disputes -- only the Xoom was exempt, as its slide-to-unlock feature is subtly different. An Apple spokesperson in London refused to comment on the issue when pressed by the BBC, but referred to a previous statement in which Apple accused Samsung of "blatant copying". A Samsung spokesperson said: "We are disappointed that the court did not share our views regarding the infringement by Apple of this specific patent in Germany."Samsung will appeal the dismissal, and another, separate case is still pending.

There are plenty of gadgets that help you record your guitar, tune your guitar, monitor the humidity levels, or send a wireless signal to an amp or sound board, The Acoustic Stream on Kickstarter just happens corgi iphone case to do all those things, which may qualify it as the most overachieving guitar gadget ever created, Currently working toward a $50,000 funding goal, the Acoustic Stream is centered around a Bluetooth connection with an iOS app, The device sits just inside the sound hole on an acoustic guitar, Tap on your guitar twice to activate the recording feature and capture your sound in the app, If your smartphone isn't handy, then just let the device capture the recording and sync it later..

Qualcomm is one of the key component suppliers to Apple, Samsung and other phone makers. Among its products is high-end, fast modems; without one in your device, you wouldn't be able to check your Facebook, hail an Uber or place an Amazon order while on the go. The Cupertino, California, giant makes its own applications processor -- the brains of the iPhone -- but it relies on third party chips for network connectivity. Since the iPhone 4S in 2011, the supplier for those chips has been Qualcomm.

SAN FRANCISCO -- "Between San Francisco and San Jose something utterly remarkable is going on, something that has only occurred in one or two other places in the whole course of human history," said Sequoia Capital's Michael Mortiz, speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt conference on Monday, He is talking about the shift from Industrial Age, which took root in places such as northwest England and Detroit and ushered in factories and centralized tools and distribution channels, to what he calls the "data factory." In the case of the data factories of Silicon Valley, increased bandwidth, storage, and computational power, as well as the explosion in apps, are transforming the nature of work, "There's never been anything like it in human corgi iphone case history ., never before have people been empowered with tools like the smartphone," Moritz said..

How important are data speeds to you? Are you prepping yourself to sprint into the new 4G era later this month, or are you still dawdling along with 2G? Peg it down to the comments below or linger a while on our Facebook page and let us know. New stats suggest 4 million Brits are still making do with feeble 2G phones. Confused? Join the club. It's fair to say our appetite for exciting new technology is insatiable here at CNET UK, but occasionally we get so far ahead of ourselves we forget what's going on in the here and now.

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