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While Gurnani is calling for commercial deployment in 2017, don't expect to pick up a 5G smartphone then, Prior to its wider 4G launch in 2010, Verizon had set up networks in Boston and Seattle largely to test 4G data-based phone calls and other mobile applications, How the commercial deployment of 5G will look in 2017 will depend on the kinds of applications and devices that emerge from the testing stage, Gurnani declined to say how many markets would launch in 2017, dachshund witch wizard magic wiener dog gifts iphone case saying it's too early to discuss the company's rollout plans..

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Eight halls teem with booths from companies small and insanely massive. Keynote presentations play on enormous overhead screens. CNET editors walked nearly the length of the Fira to get to our workspace. Companies like Samsung, Microsoft and Huawei dominated the well-trafficked Hall 3. Here's the convention center from another angle. This calm, clean white space offered a place to sit and reflect away from the crowds. Hours before a downpour, wheelers and dealers enjoyed fresh air on small pockets of astro-turf you can access from the Fira's top floor.

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