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Qualcomm is making a big push with 5G devices. Qualcomm, hosting its annual tech conference this week, has brought partners like Samsung, Verizon and AT&T to talk up their plans for 5G devices in 2019. It didn't provide many details about its newest chip but touted the artificial intelligence capabilities, camera smarts and ability to power 5G phones. Qualcomm plans to provide more details about the Snapdragon 855 on Wednesday. Qualcomm designs the mobile processors used in most high-end Android smartphones. As phone demand slows, companies are looking for new ways to get customers to upgrade their devices. The components inside the phones are key for enabling new features that make the devices must-have. It's key for Qualcomm to continuously improve its chips, and the Snapdragon 855 is its latest and greatest.

"BQ in Europe has taken good share by concentrating on design, by knowing very clearly who they're designing for, and then thinking very carefully about the retail strategy, "And Meizu in China, again, they've really cracked into the market by building loyalty, they've identified a particular segment, and they've been really great at working to do something those guys are passionate about, They call that segment 'digital lifestyle': typically younger, typically edgier, typically more conscious of what's new and cool -- and less likely to buy from a bulk manufacturer."The two phones will be available to order from anywhere in the world, but they're built by local, rather than global, brands, "China is super-important," Shuttleworth said, "Europe is interesting as well, We have carriers in the US, but we'll focus floss, dab, take the l dance emotes iphone case on these two markets, these two manufacturers for this year and this launch."What do the phones offer? "The hardware is pretty standout," he said, "Both companies have access to pretty top-notch design and manufacturing -- and they care about it, What you care about goes into the product, and both of them really care about the feel of the device, I think we'll be outstanding in several areas of the UX: A lot of people say compared to Android it feels really beautiful, compared to Firefox it feels really fluid and fast, So I think we'll stand out."..

Even further down the line, McCarthy can imagine a connected car that will allow the driver to pay for gas from inside the car through Apple Pay. Mobile payments has been promised for a long time but so far has struggled to gain much traction. The goal with offerings like Google Wallet was that people could get rid of all their credit cards, loyalty cards and coupons that filled their wallets and instead store and access them from their mobile phones. While the idea itself sounded great, a year after launch Google Wallet still only worked with one credit card and bank combination. And it only worked on one wireless network: Sprint.

Fortunately, it's usually very easy to enable this functionality, We outline the process in the video above, but here's the abridged version, You should now be able to install apps that you download from the Amazon App Store, from your alternative app store of choice, or from your favorite Android enthusiast forum, Amazon should handle the installation automatically, but from other sources you may have to download and launch the app's Android Package (APK) file yourself, Unfortunately, not all Android devices will offer this option, Most notoriously, devices offered by wireless carrier AT&T have locked floss, dab, take the l dance emotes iphone case users out of enabling unknown sources, You can get around this restriction by rooting your phone, but that's the subject of another How to..

You can share content such as photos and links using AirDrop on iOS 7. Here's what you need to know to get started. We've all seen the Samsung commercials wherein iOS users are constantly made fun of for buying into Apple products. One of the features often shown off in those commercials has been NFC sharing of documents and photos when two users bump the backs of the their latest Galaxy devices -- something everyone knows iOS devices can't do. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

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