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Sony logs your life with the, er, LifelogNot an ancient mystical wooden relic, the Lifelog is in fact Sony's new always-on camera. Just a concept at the moment, the Lifelog takes a snap when you move, creating a photographical record of your entire day. Sony reckons in the future it'll work in concert with its SmartBand fitness tracker so you can easily see where you were when you were burning most calories, or have some record of nice things you've seen that you can't remember because you were hitting the wall at the time.

It might not be a bad idea to wait until a lot of these dreams become a reality before promising too much, too soon, We saw what happened to Google Glass when early adopters were allowed to purchase an early headset, And if HoloLens' strategy seems familiar, that's because it's almost exactly like that of virtual-reality pioneer Oculus, The Oculus Rift VR headset shipped two different developer kits and went through ghost 2 iphone case several very public prototype iterations before Oculus (and owner Facebook) decided it was ready for market, and even then it didn't quite live up to all the hype when it was released to consumers earlier this week, With Oculus, there's still a gap between the dream and the reality, Perhaps they should have waited a few months more..

Apple's admission caused some outrage online and raised a lot of questions. People have long believed the company hinders older devices to get customers to buy new models (something Apple has denied), and the criticism got fierce over Apple's lack of transparency around its battery policies. On Dec. 28, Apple apologized formally and said it would offer a low-cost battery replacement, $29 instead of the usual $79. Two days later, Apple said customers could purchase the newly discounted battery immediately, rather than having to wait until January.

Openwave's WAP browser lets a cell phone customer reach wireless servers run by companies like Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless or British Telecommunications, Customers are charged for Internet access and any other trappings of the Web such as e-mail services or synching services for handheld devices, The carriers then give Openwave a percentage of every dollar that a wireless Web customer pays the carriers, Tough times are predicted for Openwave Systems, the wireless Web software maker generally regarded as a bellwether for the wireless ghost 2 iphone case industry..

Mobile phones. An increasingly glaring Intel misstep is in smartphones. Virtually every mobile device runs on chips based on a design by rival ARM Holdings, created by companies such as Qualcomm and Samsung Electronics, with Intel left to compete for scraps. Intel had a chance to get into the chip business earlier, and actually gained the rights to use ARM's designs in 1998 and acquired chipmaker DSP Communications. Intel renamed the business XScale and courted customers such as BlackBerry, Palm, and Motorola.

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