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The wireless automation technology will see explosive growth over the next few years, a new study predicts. About one million devices with ZigBee will be shipped worldwide in 2005, the market research firm forecast in a report released on Tuesday. This total is likely to zoom to 80 million units by the end of the following year, it said. The industrial sector will pick up on the technology before home networking manufacturers, the study predicted. ZigBee is a wireless specification, also known as 802.15.4b, that is tailored to building and home automation. With ZigBee, homeowners could set up a wireless network that would give them remote control of lighting fixtures, home security systems and other systems, for example.

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CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. Last year, in fact, I saw a hack that allowed someone to access SL, albeit in a very, very superficial manner, on an iPhone. But now, according to a press release I got Tuesday morning, a company called Vollee is planning on releasing technology that will make it possible to run Second Life on 3G handsets via Vollee's streaming media service. I have to admit, I'm skeptical. Second Life is difficult to use, is very graphics intensive, and requires a huge amount of streaming data. To run it on a 3G network might work, I suppose, but it would depend entirely on that network staying up, staying high-speed, and on the device being capable of presenting the SL environment in a pleasing, useful manner.

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