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A strange two-wheeled creature makes an appearance at the DefCon show in Las Vegas--a robot that's designed to patrol around and sniff out security flaws in Wi-Fi wireless networks. Created by two members of a loose association of security experts called the Shmoo Group, the robot is designed to wheel around on its own detecting and reporting the security problems of Wi-Fi wireless networks. "The point of the hacker robot is that it can become an autonomous hacker droid," said Paul Holman, the robot's co-designer, who demonstrated it for the first time at the DefCon hacker convention here. "It can get in close to the network. On the offensive side, it can be used for corporate or political espionage. On the defensive side, it can be used for network vulnerability assessment.".

Other hints and tips that had been circulating suggested that we'll see a full 1080p resolution display, which would have made watching high-definition video clips an absolute delight, The 720p resolution is still good, of course, but there are various phones already offering this spec, so it's hardly a stand-out feature, A quad-core processor was a rumour that we'd quickly adopted as fact -- especially as Samsung unveiled its new quad Exynos chip recently -- so it comes as no surprise to iphone case pink finally see it surface..

Out the Windows The Omnia Pro uses the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, which wasfeeling pretty dated even before Microsoft announced that it had a whole newversion in the oven -- Windows Phone7 Series -- which starts from scratch. Now that even Microsoft has admittedthat Windows Mobile 6.5 is rubbish, we don't feel that we can recommend aphone that runs on it. Samsung's skinned Windows Mobile with abetter-looking, more user-friendly home screen. In fact, it's done it twice.There are two home-screen set-ups -- accessible by pressing a button on the side of the phone --one for work and one for play. The work version is a sober-looking list ofnotifications that wouldn't look out of place on a Nokia E72.The play version sports the TouchWiz user interface familiar from other Samsung phones.

Brenda Raney, a spokeswoman for Verizon Wireless, said that Verizon Wireless has plenty of BlackBerry Storms in its warehouses around and that customers who weren't able to get a phone on Friday will be able to order the phone and have it delivered to their homes within four to five days, Raney also said that stores will be getting more shipments of Storms, She knew of three that had already gotten shipments this afternoon, Two stores in Manhattan, the Verizon Store on 34th St, and one at 1095 Avenue of the Americas, iphone case pink and one store in Paramus, NJ received shipments Friday afternoon..

The nonprofit organization has opposed EME, a technology that lets a browser perform digital rights management (DRM) tasks such as restricting copying or ensuring that rights to watch a video expire after a certain period of time. But on Wednesday, Mozilla said it's enabling EME because it's becoming widely enough used that its absence from Firefox would push people toward other browsers. "Looking at the competitive landscape, every single major player in the browser market has adopted this spec and the prop module that comes with it," said Chief Technology Officer Andreas Gal. "We are concerned that if we don't do this, our users don't have access to a significant part of the Web."It's not the first time pragmatism won out over principles at Mozilla. It was also opposed to the patent-encumbered H.264 video codec, which is widely used to compress and decompress video for Internet streaming, but decided it had no choice but to support it for Web-based video. Mozilla favors openness on the Web, and patent-encumbered, proprietary software is the antithesis.

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