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The company that once dominated the computer industry is making the transition to a world where software lives on many devices, all managed online in the cloud. As Microsoft makes that shift, its commercial division -- which sells its Windows operating system and Office productivity apps to businesses -- continues to take a hit. Microsoft on Thursday reported fiscal third-quarter results that exceeded analysts' estimates. But it also said sales in its cash cow commercial division grew only 5 percent, and overall profit fell 12 percent year over year. Sales growth in the division declined steadily in the past 12 months. The company said current quarter growth of its commercial division would have been 2 percentage points higher if not for currency fluctuations.

Library of gesturesLucien says that Hillcrest's solutions will include those actions, but will be more sophisticated by taking full advantage of all sensors on a smartphone including the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and palm leaf i iphone case magnetometer, In all, it has developed 50 distinct gestures that could be used to do everything from unlock a handset, to handling a call, to playing games, Some gestures could be "orientation free," meaning that the same gesture will do the same thing no matter how you're holding the phone (portrait, landscape, etc.), Others will be "orientation dependent," where how you're holding the phone will make a difference, For example, Hillcrest's gesture recognition engine can measure the degree that a user is rotating a device and differentiate between distinct angles, A 90-degree rotation could answer a call on speakerphone, while a 180-degree rotation could send a call directly to voice mail, Alternatively, Hillcrest could enable a user to flip through his or phone's photo gallery by tipping the phone to the side, As the angle increases, the photos would fly by faster..

Sensors in the earphones track heart rate while listening to music and can provide audible updates. Read more about Lifeband Touch. LG Electronics will launch its G Flex in the US in the next three months, but don't expect to find the curved smartphone in the biggest mobile carrier's lineup. The G Flex will debut in US in the first quarter and will be available through three major carriers: Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile, though Verizon is left out. . SMARTPHONE:LG has struggled to compete with bigger Korean rivals like Samsung, but it has started to get a better foothold in the market thanks to partnership with Google. The Nexus 4 smartphone from last year was a hit, selling out online, and release, the Nexus 5, has been praised by reviewers.

The Google Nexus 7 has a rival in the new Kobo Arc, a 7-inch tablet announced on the day the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 is expected, Look out Google! The popular Google Nexus 7 tablet finally has a rival in the shape of the Kobo Arc, a new 7-inch tablet announced alongside the Kobo Glo and Kobo Mini ebook readers -- and on the very day the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 is expected to be revealed, Be respectful, keep palm leaf i iphone case it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Beyond these two core updates, you'll see new categories on Bing's mobile app home page, including Social, Directions, and Weather. The description of Bing's new version on iTunes also says the Shopping section has been expanded with new reviews, ratings, and prices, while the Movies section now offers more clips and trailers. Bing's new 1.2 version is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad, though only the camera-equipped iPhone can take advantage of the visual scanning feature. Bing's star has been on the rise at Apple. It was recently added as a search option on the iPhone just below Yahoo. Though earlier reports said Bing was on tap to replace Google as the iPhone's default search engine, Google still remains the default setting.

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