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The difficulty for the pope lies in countering the view of assumptive technologists who simply describe the new, ultra-connected world as "where we're going," as if there was no choice, The pope insists pink lion iphone case that, by attempting to refocus the core of communication on the family, he isn't "fighting to defend the past."However, the future waits for no man, It drags him along as it's simultaneously mesmerizing and entertaining him, until man is a different sort of being altogether, Technically Incorrect: In a vigorous defense of the family to honor World Communications Day, Pope Francis offers the hope that humanity won't be dominated by technology..

We'll have a full review written up just as soon as possible, so stay tuned folks. In the meantime let me know whether you fancy Sony's design in the comments, or on our Facebook wall. The Sony Xperia U is out this week, hitting UK network Three tomorrow. Read on for specs, and hands-on video. The Sony Xperia U is out in the UK this week, with British network Three shouting that the dual-core smart phone is available to buy online now, and can be found in all high street mobile shops as of tomorrow.

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Of course, there are other things you might want to automate when you get to work, so select Add Action and pick Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Connections. Tap Wi-Fi On/Off and select Enable, then add that to the task as well. This will automatically switch your Wi-Fi connection on, allowing you to connect to your work's wireless network as soon as you're sat at your desk (should your workplace have that facility, of course). Perhaps you have a spouse or family member who is especially concerned with your whereabouts. Tap Add Action again, and then select Social Media from the menu. Here, you can create a task that sends a tweet to your Twitter account to confirm you've arrived at work safely, or you can use alternative social networks, such as Foursquare, Facebook or Google Latitude to achieve the same result.

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