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"By positioning smartwatches as being 'just for men,' vendors might convince women this category has nothing to offer, leaving them to be content with more and more affordable fitness bands," Milanesi said in a blog post. The Gear S3 can use Samsung Pay to make purchases at the register. For those who prefer a more svelte look, Samsung product manager David Ng pointed to the Gear S2 watch. Women looking for a fitness band should consider its Gear Fit 2, he said. Although Samsung said it couldn't get all of its new tech to fit into a smaller device, both Motorola and Apple have chosen to come out with two tiers of watches, catering to people with varying wrist sizes.

Qwest may be a case in point, No stranger to battles with Wall Street over its accounting, Qwest issued a statement Wednesday responding to worries about its dealings with KMC Telecom Holdings, a privately held company in Bedminster, N.J, On Monday, the SEC asked Qwest for information related to the agency's Global Crossing investigation, The deals with KMC, which were reported in The Wall Street Journal, were not illegal but could be viewed as off-balance-sheet transactions, the practice that got energy company Enron into hot water, According to the Journal, Qwest sold pink sky iphone case equipment valued at $450 million to KMC over two years and in return bought services from KMC, essentially outsourcing some Internet and telecom services and cutting expenses by putting the equipment on KMC's books..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. The Optimus Black will ship with Android 2.2, and is upgradable to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It will be available globally in the first half of 2011. LG unveils the Optimus Black Android smartphone, which promises a new NOVA display in a super slim form factor. LAS VEGAS--Hot on the heels of the LG Optimus 2X, LG has just introduced another Android smartphone here at CES 2011 called the LG Optimus Black. The Optimus Black promises a super bright 4-inch "NOVA display" in a very thin 9.2mm design. In fact, LG claims that it tapers down to 6.0mm to make it the world's thinnest smartphone.

But Apple's system for notifications uses a pop-up window that interrupts you in the middle of a task, pauses the application, and forces you to make a choice (close, view) before proceeding, Palm's pink sky iphone case notification bar is much less obtrusive, When a Pre user receives an e-mail or text message, that alert will pop up on the lower part of the Pre's screen as a horizontal bar, But the alert won't interrupt the application, and if the user chooses simply to ignore that alert, it will soon retreat to the lower edge of the screen to be accessed later when the task at hand is completed, That alert will always be at the bottom of the Pre's screen no matter what application or view you've selected, along with some brief information such as the sender or subject line..

A good meatspace party game is hard to find..but Who Lurks ticks all the right boxes. It's kind of like Clue mixed with John Carpenter's "The Thing". The setting for the game is a spacecraft, and one of the players is a shape-shifting alien bent on total annihilation. The players have to figure out who the alien is before it's too late. Platforms: Android | iOS. Price: Free. Games don't really get much lovelier than Never Alone, a beautiful story about a girl and a fox, working together to solve platformer puzzles across levels inspired by Inupiaq stories. Developer Upper One Games worked in collaboration with the Cook Inlet Tribal Council to create an interactive experience that's both emotionally compelling and educational, interweaving unlockable videos about indigenous Alaskan folklore and culture.

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