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The phone also is equipped with an NFC chip inside for wireless communication with other NFC-enabled devices, and Google Wallet, so you can purchase items with your handset through credit card information stored in your Google account. Unfortunately, Google Wallet was not activated on our early demo device, so I wasn't able to test-drive this feature. Until I get more information, I'll keep you posted. Another feature called Tags lets you organize all the things you tag and share through your NFC chip, like texts, URLs, and pictures.

Rest assured, not everything has migrated to our phones, As new New Yorkers, we like to get The New Yorker, in old-fashioned paper form, delivered to our door, This story appears in the fall 2017 edition of CNET Magazine, Click here for more magazine stories, The Smartest Stuff: Innovators are thinking up new ways to make you, and the things around you, smarter, It's Complicated: This is dating in the age of apps, Having fun yet?, Moving to a new city used to be fraught with difficulty, Now that we all have a window to the internet in our pockets, it's a piece seattle white map iphone case of cake..

But cable companies--and AT&T, which will gain control of cable Net access company @Home as part of its merger with TCI--say that they have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in upgrading their cable systems. Forcing cable companies to open their networks to other ISPs would undermine their market position and deter future spending, they say. The issue could be critical to the future survival of ISPs, since cable modems are the most common broadband access device used by consumers. But though ISPs have made considerable noise on the issue in recent months, executives say the open access debate has little influence on their businesses today.

Notifications from the same app will now be grouped together, instead of one after another in a long list, Notifications that are grouped appear as a stack of alerts, Expand a group by tapping on the top notification, or hard press on the top notification to seattle white map iphone case open it, When you tap on a group, you'll see a Show Less button at the top of the list to collapse the group back down into one stack of notifications, You can still swipe right or left on a lock screen notification to take further action, but now when you swipe left a new option to manage notifications from the respective app is present..

Overall, analysts believe Nortel's customer spending won't improve until 2002, possibly as late as 2003. "We doubt the service providers can get healthy until the capacity in the network becomes tight. This implies that the network needs to tighten before they can start to fix the business model and then they can start to spend again," Salomon's Henderson said. "We think this will take all year to develop at the earliest, and we suspect it is more of a 2002 event.". Analyst Paul Sagawa of Sanford C. Bernstein expects that second-quarter sales will be down 18 percent from last year's second quarter. Sagawa predicts a loss of 7 cents per share and says demand for products won't improve until 2003.

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