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In a Building Windows 8 blog posted last month, Microsoft described the challenges it faced in creating the Windows Store. The goal was to make the store easy to search and browse in the face of the vast number of apps the company expects to offer. And as with Windows 8 in general, Microsoft has to ensure that the Windows Store experience is as user-friendly on a traditional PC as it is on a touch-based tablet. Updated 8:30 a.m PT with response from Microsoft. Due to launch in preview mode this month, Microsoft's Windows Store will reportedly offer a variety of games in its initial selection, including Angry Birds, Toy Soldiers, Reckless Racing, and Rocket Riot.

As others have exited the corporate market, such as 3Com and IBM, Cisco experienced its best quarter ever for sales to business clients, The company reported sales growth of more than 20 percent sequentially for its enterprise business, led by 40 percent sequential growth in sales of its Catalyst 4000 and 6000 switching lines, "We were very pleased with the results and the momentum we are seeing," Chambers said, Cisco's service provider business grew in excess of 80 percent year over year and grew in the "high teens" sequentially, The growth was led by sales of Cisco?s high-end GSR 12000 routing device, which experienced 60 percent sequential growth and has an approximate t mobile iphone cases run rate of $2 billion..

The patent application, uncovered by AppleInsider, was refiled back in February as a continuation of a December 2008 patent application and shows Apple's continued commitment to get the best performance from its mobile, battery-powered devices. "Data Format Conversion for Electronic Devices" seeks to improve your iDevice's battery by simplifying the data conversion process that occurs when sending information to other devices via Bluetooth connections. Data sent over a Bluetooth connection must be compressed due to limited transmission capacity of the Bluetooth protocol and Apple's process for doing so may be the energy-saving answer to increased battery life.

The new Springpad iPhone app lets you quickly jot down notes or names, and it has two additional parlor tricks: if you press the "Nearby" add item button you can get a list of businesses near you to bookmark, And there's a barcode scanner for tagging products you come across that you might want to research later, Unfortunately, on my 3G iPhone, the camera doesn't focus close enough to get a reliable scan of a barcode; this feature worked for me only about half the time, Other little process flaws make the system sometimes confusing to use, but even with those hiccups, Springpad is an engaging and fun service t mobile iphone cases that does a very good job of blending at-your-desk and in-the-real-world bookmarking, Things you save online show immediately on your phone, and vice versa..

It's the message, though, that's telling. First, there's: "All kinds of phones for all kinds of folks." Now doesn't this suggest that a certain company not far from Cupertino fails to offer all kinds of phones? Doesn't it imply that Apple doesn't appeal to all kinds of folks?. Then there's the tagline: "Be Together. Not The Same." Of course Apple isn't mentioned by name. However, right now, there are only two operating systems that dominate emotions, phones and pockets; iOS and Android. In Android, there are indeed many phones of many sizes at many prices. Android is, in one sense, the people's phone.

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