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While working in the press room at CTIA 2007, I had an interesting conversation with one of my media colleagues. While talking about the lack of high-profile news in Orlando, he theorized that CTIA is just at the wrong time of year. He argued that since it follows both CES and the GSMA World Congress, CTIA ends up getting eclipsed by the earlier shows. So by the time CTIA rolls around, manufacturers are spent from trade show fatigue. As a remedy, he advocated switching the schedule of the two CTIA shows so that the bigger event comes in the autumn, while the smaller, I.T.-focused show would occur in the spring. Not only would such a schedule put a few months in between CTIA and GSMA, but also it would put the larger show smack in the middle of the holiday buying season.

You should also be careful how you share your password, The best process for this? Don't do it, Keeping your password to yourself is the best way to ensure no one else will be able to access your account, The same can be said for the secret question security provision (when signing up for an iTunes Store account), Be sure the answer is only something you will know, You should also get in the habit of changing your passwords, Try setting a calendar event to remind you every couple months, If you have an iPad, wood case for apple iphone 8 - walnut an iPod, or an iPhone (or are planning to purchase the new iPhone 4 on June 24th), you most likely have an iTunes Store account, This article explains what to do if that account is compromised and some best practices for security..

Nokia touts music capability as a central feature of its X-series phones, and the X2-01 accordingly offers a media player, FM radio and access to the Ovi Music service. It has a 2.4-inch QVGA screen and a VGA camera, and supports memory cards of up to 8GB. Forget Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, though -- the X2-01 supports only GPRS and Edge. This means using the Internet will prove desperately slow for anything more than the most basic of tasks. The X2-01 will be available for around 80 euro (£70), before the year is out.

Correction: This post incorrectly stated the number of hot spots Wayport would contribute to the AT&T network, as well as the overall pricing for use of those hot spots, Including Wayport, AT&T will now operate approximately 20,000 hot spots in the United States, free only to customers of certain plans, AT&T announced plans on Thursday to acquire Wi-Fi network provider wood case for apple iphone 8 - walnut Wayport in a $275 million cash deal, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Which will get heatstroke first: my gadgets or me?. And it helped. Thirty minutes of cool air later, my gadgets and I all ratcheted down from what felt like the brink of overheating. My head knows that phones and other devices are built to withstand and operate through extreme conditions in many of the Earth's hot places, but it's hard to believe that increasing battery and processor temperatures by making them work hard in heat won't take a toll on performance and maybe even total life span. As a worse case scenario, the phones could just shut down.

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